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About Us

We provide you the best honey-fic experience

Our aim at Asal Bee is to source the most natural and unadulterated honey from various parts of the world and deliver it right to your doorstep. We are committed to all things raw honey, and our commitment to that is unwavering.

As a brand, we have broadened our range of honey varieties from different parts of the world, especially Yemen, and our focus is on promoting bioactive raw honey. This includes an array of exquisite mono and poly-floral varieties, as well as delicious blends bursting with natural and authentic flavor.

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100% Natural

Organic Natural Honey

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100% Pure Honey

Our honey is 100% pure, free of any additives or artificial sweeteners. We use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you receive the purest, most natural honey possible.

Natural & Organic Honey

Our honey is sourced from the most pristine locations, where bees can naturally forage on wildflowers and other natural sources. Our organic honey is free of any synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, or other harmful chemicals.

Health Beneficial Honey

Our honey has numerous health benefits, including antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. It can boost your immune system, improve digestion, and promote overall well-being.

Natural Honey

Unbeatable Flavor and Quality: Shop Now for Asal Bee Honey

Our honey is sourced from the most pristine locations, and we use only the highest quality ingredients. Our honey has numerous health benefits and is free of any additives or harmful chemicals. 

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions bothering your mind? Remember that you can ask us anything, anytime and anywhere. But before then, why don’t you go through our compiled list of the most frequently asked questions that we have attended to in the past? 

Yemini honey is special and holds a special place in people’s hearts because it is naturally made without human interference. Unlike other kinds of honey collected from sugar-fed bees, Yemini honey is collected from wild bees which feed on nectars and their other natural foods. This naturalness entails that the honey retains all of the enzymes responsible for its beneficial properties. 

We do not have special machines or ingredients to process our honey with. The only form of processing that our honey passes through is filtration to remove the debris therein. Please, note that we do not ultra-filter our honey because we do not want it to lose any of its natural qualities. 

Sidr honey is more expensive due to its high demand and scarcity. Getting Sidr honey is very expensive, especially for the fact that it can be found in only one country of the world, Yemen. Basically, Sidr honey is made from bees that exclusively feed on the nectar of the Sidr tree, a very ancient tree that grows by itself in Hadramaout, a remote region of Yemen. Its scarcity plus other production cost is why the Sidr honey is so expensive and even more special. 

We get our honey by extracting it from the honeycombs within the hives and carefully straining it to eliminate any unwanted impurities, such as beeswax and dead bees. Our extraction method is designed to preserve the honey’s natural components, such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and sugar. Unlike other approaches, we do not subject the honey to heat treatment or micro-filtration, and our beekeepers do not feed their bees with sugar solutions or supplements. 

When exposed to cold temperatures, raw honey undergoes a natural process of crystallization caused by the separation of glucose from water. Although crystallized honey is very much safe to consume, it can be restored to its original form by placing the jar in warm water until it becomes liquefied. 

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