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100% Natural Honey

Indulge in the Sweetness of Pure Honey with Asal bee

Who We Are

Asal Bee Where Quality Meets Purity in Every Jar of Honey

We are committed to delivering the top-ranked Yemeni Honey to our customers, ensuring we always exceed our customers’ expectations both in quality and taste.

the top local and international honey category worldwide. Known for its prestigiousness and scarcity, we have made all efforts to specialize in this category to include all its hierarchical variations – Average to Royal

Preserving Heritage Is Our Concern, And Selling Pure Honey Is The Keyword To Our Honey Business. 


Top Selling Honey

Top-ranked Honey that is unprocessed, Unheated, and Unadulterated! Try the real deal.


Health Related

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Nuts and Coffee

Honey Drinks

Honey Spoon

Honey Spoons

Delivers the Best Honey Today!

Our Product

Nourish Your Body and Soul with Asal Bee's Natural Honey

We are committed to delivering the top-ranked Yemeni Honey to our customers, ensuring we always exceed our customers’ expectations both in quality and taste. 

100% Natural honey

Promotes digestive health

Provides natural energy boost

Why Buy Our Honey?

The best and tasty honey you will ever find!

Pure and Unpasteurized

Sourced directly from the bees, we pack and package them without any form of modification or processing, (apart from filtering out debris), and ship directly to customers with no form of intermediaries. This is to ensure that you get “bees’ honey” in its original form and enjoy all of its benefits.

100% Natural

No, we do not simulate or feed the bees to make an unexplainable or unnatural amount of honey for commercial purposes. Instead, we work with the bees as if we are their partners. We only extract the honey they naturally produce. In other words, we work in harmony with nature to give you the best quality honey.

Guaranteed Quality

We are 100% certain and positive that you can never go wrong using our honey for whatever natural-intended purpose. Take our word for it because we have assurance from the bees.


Our Clients Reviews

Asal Bee
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Moe KMoe K
00:22 02 Sep 22
What an amazing store. Went there visiting from California and got some few honey jars.Mr. Ali is a fantastic source of information, he explained all the detailed needed about each kind of money. He was very nice and had such a great conversation with him.The shop is very clean abd organized, great job 👏
Abo OumarAbo Oumar
03:08 03 May 22
If you’re looking for authentic Yemani sidr honey this is the place. They have all type of yemeni malaki honey and the prices are very reasonable the workers are very trustworthy and knowledgeable about the honey. And they also have yemeni nuts. Very recommended you have to check it and try it yourself if you’re into honey.
Ahmed BadrAhmed Badr
02:05 14 Apr 22
The best place to buy organic premium pure honey.They have all kind of honey products tooThey sell a single origin coffee imported directly from YemenThey also sell the rarest kind of raisins and spicesThe staff are super kind and generous
Tarik AlgharabliTarik Algharabli
01:36 29 Sep 21
Amazing honey, if you have a thing for Pure honey, I recommend this place. You can taste different varieties of honey and the tenant is very knowledgeable with what you need. The place also have different types goodies from soaps,lotions, fragrances,etc...
Teeba SadounTeeba Sadoun
00:44 18 Sep 21
Literally the best!!!!!!! The taste of the honey is phenomenal and the decor is fabulous. Not to mention they have dates, Arabic perfumes, and natural soaps and beeswax!The best part: the management!!!! Such wonderful and humble men, I can’t wait to come back again! Thank you to the managers for a wonderful experience!بالتوفيق!!!!!

Honey Benefit

Nourish Your Body and Soul with Asal Bee's Honey-Infused Products

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