Honey with Ginger and Black Seeds (10x Pack)

Honey with Ginger and Black Seeds (10x Pack)

$12.99 or $12.34 / month

Ginger & black seeds honey mixture is a herbal mixture used in the treatment of many diseases. Especially, this mixture, which is the biggest supporter of home treatment, is healing against many diseases.

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This mixture, which is good for many diseases such as flu, cold, summer flu, is also very useful for diseases such as nausea and digestive system problems.

In this special mixture, there is a high content of calcium, one of the minerals that the body needs most. Black seed, which has antioxidant properties, clears inflammation that causes edema. It also supports the regeneration of cells and prevents aging. The healthy unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6s found in black seed have a perfect balance.

Thanks to this balance, fat components called prostaglandin e1 are produced. This component strengthens the immune system, prevents high blood pressure by dilating blood vessels, and prevents allergies by opening the bronchi.

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